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Introduction to esteem added administrations of JJ Sex Doll Co., Ltd.

Nowadays, most youngsters in China are turning out to be increasingly more otaku-like, and there are an ever increasing number of single youngsters. The market is in pressing need of sex dolls that can meet the inflexible sexual requirements of youngsters and the otherworldly friendship needs of youngsters. Hence, Kirin chose to set up JJ Doll Organization to foster sex accomplice robots. JJ’s doll will be a doll that gives a definitive sex insight to otaku, and is additionally a profound friend doll with a second-dimensional culture. JJ Doll’s business theory is: We will dedicate ourselves to giving the best sex accomplice robot dolls for most of Chinese otaku through innovative and two-dimensional culture.



The center business of Shenzhen JJ Doll Co., Ltd. are

We have efficiently gathered and figured out the genuine requirements of otaku for sex accomplice robots, and planned and fostered the most appropriate sex accomplice robot dolls through the perspective of item supervisors. We will likewise make the IP of the two-dimensional virtual character picture dependent on the great experience of this sex accomplice robot doll. Simultaneously, we will likewise plan the two-dimensional game scene that consolidates virtual and reality to give otaku a more profound and more doll. Intelligent experience.

In option to dispatching its own normalized dolls, JJ dolls additionally dispatches different worth added administrations in the accompanying altered models to meet the individualized and various inclinations of the tremendous number of otakus.



  1. Personalized modified creation administrations for sex dolls.

(1) Customized customization of dolls alludes to the doll plan that clients (doll sweethearts) can take from individuals they like, different top quality multi-point photographs, different superior quality short recordings, stature estimations division.

(2) Our doll architect will compute the doll that the client needs dependent on photographs, recordings, stature, estimations and other data, and afterward make 3D model drawings and renderings.

(3) After we send the 3D model drawings and renderings to the clients to affirm their fulfillment, we have begun custom creation. Since a full arrangement of molds should be opened and all customized artistic creations are required, the conveyance cycle is in any event 2 months.

(4) In light of the fact that dolls are redone, all Research and development costs, shape expenses, and painting costs can’t be shared by large scale manufacturing, so the cost is high. The custom creation cost of our JJ dolls begins at 100,000 yuan.


  1. Sex doll head cosmetics, doll body skin tattoo painting service.

(1) Doll head custom cosmetics administration implies that clients don’t care for the naked cosmetics style of our doll without a doubt, yet incline toward certain design and two-dimensional style cosmetics. As of now, we can assist the customer with revamping up alone.

(2) Clients can take photos of their #1 cosmetics impacts, superior quality multi-point photographs, different superior quality short recordings, and send robotic sex doll them to us, and afterward speak with our doll cosmetics craftsman about the cosmetics style they need. For the necessities of body tattoo painting, superior quality tattoo standard pictures and genuine tattoo impact pictures will be provided.

(3) Our doll cosmetics craftsman will re-make up the doll head as indicated by the photographs and short recordings sent by the client, and afterward snap a picture and short video and send it to the client for affirmation. After the client is happy with the adjustment, we will at long last set the cosmetics, paint and do it. Cosmetics that doesn’t blur. The equivalent applies to body tattoos.

(4) On the grounds that customized custom doll head cosmetics, doll body skin tattoo painting, all innovative work costs, painting costs, can not share the expense through large scale manufacturing, so the cost is extremely high. Our JJ doll head cosmetics, doll body skin tattoo painting, the value begins at 10,000 yuan.




  1. Personalized sex doll dressing and supporting photography services.


(1) elf sex dolls Customized doll dressing and supporting photography administrations are really a wedding photograph studio for doll darlings. We have a studio, which is finished with different dating scenes for couples.

(2) Our photograph studio additionally has different hairpieces, garbs, props, Lolita dresses, wedding dresses, gems, shoes, sacks, etc. It can meet the shooting needs of doll darlings’ rich imagination.

(2) Customers can speak with the photographic artists in our photograph studio, mention to us what haircuts for their dolls, what adornments to wear, what garments to wear, what scenes to place in, and what postures to present. Let us prepare.

(3) We spruce up the doll as per the client’s requirements, and afterward take pictures and shoot short recordings as per the stance indicated by the client. Obviously, clients can likewise show up in genuine individuals and take pictures with the dolls.

(4) Our JJ dolls’ customized doll dressing and supporting photography administrations start at any rate cost of 10,000 yuan.




  1. Sex doll cleaning, fix and upkeep services.

Because doll items are uncommon redone items and private grown-up items, there is no return and trade administration, just cleaning and upkeep administrations can be given, so if the client’s doll is grimy, eliminated, or halfway harmed, we can offer it to the client Give cleaning and support benefits, this help is free for one year, following one year, each assistance charges 800 yuan.


  1. Separate innovative work administrations for sex accomplice robot dolls.

Our JJ sex accomplice robot doll has gotten through numerous specialized issues like material science, primary mechanics, sensor science, simulated intelligence smart voice, human body elements, etc. We have fabricated a metal skeleton with adaptability and opportunity, received super high polymer human-like skin material, introduced a human internal heat level consistent framework, a peak articulation framework connected with a touch sensor, and a simulated intelligence canny voice discourse framework. The cost of our sex accomplice robot doll begins at 100,000 yuan.

We effectively fostered the original sex accomplice robot result of Jingjun Doll. It is nearer to humanoid robots, and will step by step be acknowledged as far as programmed activities, look changes, intelligent voice correspondence, steady internal heat level, mimicking human climax, flushing reaction, fit reaction, body liquid discharge, etc. The sex accomplice robot dolls will be even more a two-dimensional exemplification, and each doll will be worked with top to bottom character IP, so the doll will have the ideal love insight and enthusiastic friendship experience of the first love.





We are a bona fide sex doll dealer. We need to be your stable worldwide ally and partner.

We are an endeavor coordinated plant and exchange, gaining practical experience in planning, assembling and selling sex doll. We are committed to giving clients excellent items and incredible service.

We consistently bend over backward to manage the assembling of each genuine doll. 


  • We have a tremendous choice of legitimate sex dolls and top notch love doll companions.
  • Excellent client support when sales.
  • Return ensure on all sex dolls.
  • Free transportation and duty/custom leeway service.
  • we guarantee your request and bundle is discreet
  • Made with premium clinical evaluation silicone or TPE for ensured security and durability.
  • Made with a metal skeleton and adaptable joints for accomplishing any sex position.
  • Hand-etched by craftsmen to be just about as exact as possible.
  • We tune in to our client’s necessities and adopttheir feedback.

We are an authority sex doll merchant who are checked on the doll gathering with bunches of outsider five star audits… and not one negative survey to date.




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