November 2021

Great News from OR DOLL: 137cm will be forthcoming at this finish of Spring with an incredible surprise

The Hotly anticipated 137cm sex doll from Or Dollwill be forthcoming at this finish of walk. Also, it’s a major amazement, since this model will loke like a major busted Manga doll…

It’s the second time after the special Wm Doll’s 100cm Anime Face

But Today, Or Doll energize us with their prodding on TDF…

Her fashioner is a Japanese senior sex doll plan and player. The planner has ingested an incredible arrangement Japanese grown-up animation plan.

She has slightly listing bosom shape and Actual flawlessness. It will draw in a great deal of doll devotees consideration. ORDOLL has a sharp eye for detail, so each doll is wonderfully polished off.

You could see more pics beneath.

What’s more, to wrap things up, they get ready a sex doll buy online new 156cm sex doll with her head!

We are molding another 156cm body sex doll ,

Her measurement:

upper Bosoms: 95cm

lower bosoms: 69cm


…  this 156cm doll is going to be thick butt and breasts


The 137cm doll’s heads utilized 3D-printing innovation from Japan. The heads will be presented gradually in a timeframe. The primary face is with a layer of marginally open mouth, she is hot, loaded with want and timid, she looks like 18-year-old Japanese girl.

All 137cm body particulars are now known:

Upper Bust :80cm

Lower Bust:60cm



The weight control inside 22kg.

The Impermanent pricing:1900/pc (incorporate the delivery cost to Europe and USA). The first 10pcs orders conveyance time:25 days. Do book ahead from now, the initial 10 orders can have an uncommon offer $1850/pc with an extra head.

the TDF discussion:

The Or big booty love doll Doll Website:

New very thin YL Doll sexdoll

BOOM, it’s the main stun of the year!

We realized that this new year planned to irontech sex doll have some pleasant astonishments available for us, and it’s YL Doll who hits first!

A new YL Doll of 5ft2 166cm with huge tits

She’s perfect. She has colossal bosoms. She’s light. What more do you want?

A huge ass… I knew it. Indeed, for that ideal sexdoll, we’ll need to stand by a piece.

For this one, how about we go!…

What’s more, it’s going to hurt. You will actually want to find in video and photograph, this new sexdoll from YL Doll with two major round tits looking like a balloon.

166cm (5ft5′) Hot Bodacious Two-piece Young lady – Melady $ 2,199.00 on

Super slim

And indeed, it’s her enormous tits and her very flimsy size that make her a very attractive sexdoll. In any case, not just that. This 5ft2/166cm sexdoll weighs just 33.8kg – 74.5lbs. That’s very nearly an accomplishment!

It’s actual that when you take a gander at her estimations, you can tell that this YL Doll doll forever sexdoll is really slight: 88cm – 34.64 creeps of bosom size (when you see 2 enormous tits), 49cm – 19.3inches of midsection size (when most sexdoll of this size are around 55cm – 21.65 crawls to 60cm – 23.6 inches), and 87cm – 34.25 creeps of hip size.

This sexdoll is along these lines to be maneuvered carefully, however with the 10kg – 22lbs less, it will be much easier!

It’s a delight to see sexdolls with this body type once more, which we hadn’t seen for 2 years.

The face #357

This is another face made by YL Doll and proposed here in picture with 2 diverse hair tones. This western face, with a fine nose, almond molded eyes, and a little mouth is extremely sensitive. The light blue eyes are all around coordinated. This gives him a somewhat mysterious and wild look.

YL Doll 5ft2 166cm

  • Height: 166cm – 65.35in
  • Upper Bust: 88cm – 34.64in
  • Under Bust: 52cm – 20.47in
  • Waist: 49cm – 19.3in
  • Hip: 87cm – 34.25in
  • Weight (incl. head): 33.8kg/74.5lbs

NEW AF Dolls Immense Boobs And Muscles

Big bosoms and muscles. Here is a depiction that will satisfy large numbers of you!

I am quick to like it without question. This sex doll is an incredible achievement and you will rapidly comprehend why.

A very much built body with a thin waist

Her mystery to being ultra provocative: a very meager midsection of 19.3 inches (49cm). She doesn’t have to have a bosom size of in excess of 40 inches (97 cm – 38.2 inches) for individuals to think she has large tits.

And that is the thing that’s generally energizing, I find. Her estimations are truly all around picked.

And this sexdoll has a solid tummy with truly noticeable abs. She adores sports, there’s not even a shadow of a doubt. We’re going to must be acceptable with her to have the option to give her pleasure.

Surprisingly, according to its shape and size, I think that its somewhat weighty, regardless of whether it stays sensible and, regardless, in black girl dolls the average.

A pretty face

This face #62 is truly nice. I don’t care for this hairpiece sex doll big butt and I imagine that with straight hair, it would be a lot prettier.

The articulated eyebrows feature her blue eyes. Also, that mouth is extraordinary. She’s very huge and all around made up. She should swallow it all up!

Sports clothing required

And indeed, obviously, for a games sex doll, you required a games outfit. Yet, an extraordinary one… . Furthermore, you will cherish it!

All wearing dark and all around ventilated, this sex doll shows every one of its shapes well. Her top and strap in vinyl, with her stockings (?) and high heels are actually THE games outfit you love for a sex doll.

AF Dolls 5ft1 155cm Specs

  • Height: 155 cm –5ft1
  • Full Bust: 97 cm – 38.2 in
  • Under Bust:  53 cm – 20.9 in
  • Waist: 49 cm – 19.3 in
  • Hips: 88 cm – 34.6 in
  • Weight:  42 Kg – 92.4 lbs

AF Dolls 155cm (5ft1′) Attractive Shaker Bar Stripper Sex Doll – Trina – 1,999 USD

NEW Head For the WM Dolls 5ft1 156cm H Cup

Here’s the new face #360 of WM Dolls that will be a hit! I’m certain it will. At any rate, I love it.

In truth, I think it looks somewhat like my Olga’s.

This face is somewhat round with extremely articulated cheekbones, eyebrows high over the eye, leaving an enormous teen sex doll spot for her large eyes. She has a little nose that focuses straightforwardly to a colossal mouth.

And that is truly what I like in this face, a mouth that is not very wide, yet with meaty lips. She has a genuine penis massage mouth!

I believe she will give a great deal of delight to the individuals who get her. That is for sure.

To complete this new face, a bright dark hair with a plait draws out her eyes and this mouth made up with an inciting red.

156cm (5ft1′) H-Cup Breathtaking Body Love Partner – Serena – $ 1,999 on SexyRealSexDolls.Com

The glorious body 5ft1 156cm H Cup

To draw out this new attractive face, you required an all around formed body. Also, what better than the 5ft1 156cm H Cup from WM Dolls. I think the gathering is practically awesome. This body has huge delightfully molded bosoms, extremely pointed and unmistakable in spite of a sensible cup size. This body is additionally rich with a wasp abdomen of 54cm or 21.3 inches, diving to a little butt with a pleasant adjusted bottom, and regular. It has that sort of little ass that you need to hit…

But if it’s not huge, it has pleasant thighs and genuinely thin legs.
Despite this, this body stays under 40kgs or 87lbs.

A first arrangement of photographs to get you a little excited

In request to introduce this new affiliation, we required a pleasant arrangement of photographs. I haven’t got the video at this point, yet I can hardly wait to see it. This sexdoll hottest sex dolls needed to prod however much as could reasonably be expected.

She shows up in ultra provocative active apparel, with a red set incredibly short, which doesn’t shroud a lot … and features its forms.
I realize a few who will salivate a lot!

WM Dolls 5ft1 156cm H cup

  • Height: 156cm –5ft1
  • Full Bust: 93cm –36.6 in
  • Under Bust: 65cm – 25.5 in
  • H Cup
  • Waist: 54cm – 21.3 in
  • Hips: 96cm – 37.8 in
  • Weight: 39.5kg – 87 lbs.

How to get climax at the same time in couple sex

The most magnificent thing between a man and a lady is the body contact and the spirit crash. Notwithstanding, in each sexual coexistence, the massive tits sex doll vast majority of the men arrive at climax, so how might ladies reach orgasm?

Activity method

1. By and large, men can arrive at climax in almost no time or 10 minutes, however ladies can arrive at climax for quite a while, so men can broaden the time during sex.

2. At the point when the two players are sleeping, we should focus on “foreplay”. Men ought not straightforwardly enter the subject, since ladies’ climax is a lot later than men’s, so you can decide to kiss right now, lips, yet additionally tongue, ears, etc.

3. Numerous couples seek after sexual “synchronization”, wanting to accomplish climax together. Understanding the cycle and qualities of the particular climaxes of people is the essential and reason for accomplishing the “synchronization” of orgasms.

4. In sex, men are more dynamic and get climaxes generally rapidly. Thusly, it is suggested that men do “women first” during sex, so ladies can arrive at climax first. As indicated by the particular circumstance of the two players, men can utilize fingers, tongue or sex devices Assist the join forces with entering the fervor time frame, and you can likewise irontech sex doll invigorate the clitoris properly during vaginal intercourse. This not just guarantees that ladies get more climax insight, yet additionally assists men with psychogenic erectile brokenness to acquire compelling sexual incitement and accomplish adequate arousal.

5. Ladies should effectively communicate their sentiments and set forward needs during sex. Sex is a two-man sport, which requires full correspondence and close participation between the two gatherings. After continued preparing and running-in, an implicit arrangement can at last be shaped. Ladies can likewise utilize sexual dreams. On the off chance that they can completely loosen up their brains and supplement them with positive sexual dreams, at that point the peak will come naturally.

6. After the climax, it doesn’t imply that the sex is finished. We can comfort each other fittingly and say some insightful words, with the goal that the spirit and collection of the two players can be nearer, and afterward the male can tenderly wipe the body for the female, and afterward embrace one another and afterward sleep.

Online Grown-up Sex Toys Store

Many individuals believe that sex items are sex items that settle the sexual longing qita doll of people and improve the connection among spouse and wife.However, there is as yet a class of grown-up items, we should find out about it.

The first sort of grown-up items are those used to straightforwardly fare or import sexual stimulation.They are: actual dolls, sex toys and vibrators.

Unlike previously, sex dolls are currently being made, with the accentuation on looking more human to improve sexual experience.Sex dolls were initially made of inflatable plastic, with less physical allure and satisfaction.Fortunately, with innovation and developing interest for sex dolls, you would now be able to purchase a sex doll that reacts to contact, particularly during sex.It’s astounding, isn’t it?

The genuine doll is made of unadulterated silica gel or unadulterated clinical delicate paste, which has a serious level of credibility and can mirror different human developments. The little genuine doll is made of silica gel or software.The enormous strong doll has a metal casing inside and resembles a human.

Sex toys are uncommonly intended to deliver the male sexual longing of sex toys, a large portion of the reproduction of the female body or female in general modeling.The material is for the most part made of silica gel, delicate paste and different materials to accomplish the impact like genuine people.

Buy grown-up sex toys online to add enjoyable to your life.

Do you need to capitalize on your sex life?Start searching for excellent toys and appreciate hot sex with your partner.Today, grown-up toys can be gotten to adequately on the Internet.More and more men, ladies and couples are purchasing toys through online assets.These grown-up sex toys contain heartfelt items and decorations.There are likewise numerous sites offering quality and exceptional toys at sensible prices.

With the improvement of The Occasions, internet shopping has become an irreplaceable piece of individuals’ life.So an ever increasing number of individuals might need to purchase a toy from an online store, which is a decent idea.You can save some an ideal opportunity for other things.Online shopping is the best spot to purchase grown-up toys, which is the most immediate and safe approach to discover grown-up toys.Remember, purchasing grown-up toys is pretty much as significant as dealing with them. You should wash sex dolls for sale your toys regularly.




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Save $200 on 156 cm Genuine Love Doll – 2 Bosom Sizes

Use Promotion Code: 156ORDOLL to save $200!! Request Today!

We need to present these 2 great new models from OR Doll, the 156cm body with 2 variations G-cup and H-cup.

These stunning bodies permit you to have oral, vaginal and butt-centric sex, can be combined with various heads and be redone based on your inclinations: hairpiece, skin, nails, areola size and shading, vagina tone, and a lot more options.

The 156cm genuine love doll is caused on excellent TPE silicone which to feel like genuine skin, and it is fully articulated so you can situate your sex doll big butt genuine doll in whatever position you can envision and make your fantasies come true.

Have a gander at those huge boobs alternatives: G-cup and H-cup. Snap Here to See the Dolls

Enjoy today this unique advancement and save $200. Try not to think more, you just need to choose what demonstrate you like better and ORDER TODAY!

Below you can discover more subtleties and proportions of this staggering practical sex doll model:

Hight :5.15ft/157cm
Hight withour head:4.6ft/140cm
Up breasts:38.58″/98cm
Lower breasts:25.6″/65cm
Thigh circumference:18.5″47cm
Calf circumference:12.2″/31cm
Leg Length:34.25″/87cm
Arm Length:24″/61cm
Vaginal detph: 6.7″/18cm
Anal depth: 6″/16cm

Click here to see pictures and audits from clients that all around purchased this doll!

fat sex doll

Don’t botch this chance and purchase your doll today!


156 G-Cup


156 H-CUP





Robots TV Narrative on TDF

Hi Doll’s Fans,

The television world is increasingly inspired by the Doll’s Reality. Also, now, with the development of mechanical technology progressed even further, there are increasingly more Network program about.

I composed a post about the Sex Dolls That Discussion Back By THE NEW YORK TIMES (JUNE 11, 2015) and “the Uncanny sweetheart” article about Doc Macintosh Mullen from RealDoll, by Zackary Canepari, Drea Cooper and Emma Cott on Publish DateJune 11, 2015.

Nick Sweeney requested that us on TDF take part to another narrative and I let you his total clarification below:

This new narrative will follow the turn of events and arrival of an uncommon new item being made by Realbotix, an organization at the front line of computer based intelligence and dolls, and will take a gander at how innovation could propel human connections. We have been shooting with Realbotix and will proceed to.

You’re maybe a blend of suspicious and exhausted with these sorts of solicitations. I would be as well! Maybe than belittle your insight with unlimited guarantees, rather here are connections to my last couple of shows so you can decide sex doll company for yourself who I’m and what I do:

Trailer: Trailer

Full Eps: … ody-season

I’d love to converse sanhui doll with men, ladies and couples in the US and UK who are enthusiastically anticipating the following flood of robots. Regardless of whether you’d prefer to partake or are simply inquisitive and have inquiries concerning the narrative or me, kindly reach out! All data gave will be held secretly. PM or email me:[email protected]

Nick Sweeney is a NY/London based chief and producer.

I’m a set up TV chief working at Crude television (, an Emmy winning creation organization, on a top to bottom narrative investigating the up and coming age of robots offering affection, sex and friendship. It will be an hour long program, and is completely appointed by a significant UK broadcaster.

He created and arrangement delivered/coordinated Station 4’s “Brought into the world in Some unacceptable Body”(2015), a momentous TV arrangement of 3 x 1 hour narratives following transsexual individuals matured 5 – 25 in the USA and UK. Scenes “My Transsexual Child”, “Young ladies to Men” and “My Transsexual Day Camp” are broadcasting on significant Telecom companies worldwide.

More Info: