The Way To Remove Sex Doll TPE Stains In Less Than 10 Seconds

One of the scariest things a new sex doll owner can revel in is accidentally negative their sex doll.  You’ve accomplished your research, observed the satisfactory sex doll, waited a few weeks for her arrival, and also you even took the time to study our ai sex doll person manual.  You’ve achieved everything proper! How could your new sex doll have a stain on her once blemish free skin.


Not to fear, any seasoned sex doll proprietor will inform you stains are rare however tough keep away from.  This is specially proper if you’re shopping for many new clothing in your doll or having her put on clothing for long periods of time.


What reasons sex doll skin stains?


The manual under will display you little by little our to get rid of discoloration from your sex doll’s skin and deliver her that trendy manufacturing unit look another time.


Though very long lasting and elastic, sex doll skin is porous.  This manner there are tiny holes which provide her softness, but can make her at risk of soaking up moisture and staining.  The maximum not unusual cause sex dolls get stained is exposure to new dark colored material, or tightly fitting apparel with elastic waste bands.


New fabrics frequently have excess dye that may seep into your dolls pores and skin if left in touch for a protracted time frame.


Guide: How To Fix Sex Doll Stain

Note: This manual works for each TPE and silicone sex dolls.


Step 1: Get your self a can of Klean Strip – Odorless Painter’s Solvent


Step 2: Apply the solvent to the stain using a cotton swab or q-tip.


Step 3: Let it take a seat and anticipate 10-60 seconds, relying on how deep the stain is.


Step 4: Wipe away the solvent and the stain with a easy cotton swab or q-tip.


There you have it! Using the method above you can easy lighter stains within 10 seconds and deep stains by means of waiting a chunk longer, 60 seconds.