Great News from OR DOLL: 137cm will be forthcoming at this finish of Spring with an incredible surprise

The Hotly anticipated 137cm sex doll from Or Dollwill be forthcoming at this finish of walk. Also, it’s a major amazement, since this model will loke like a major busted Manga doll…

It’s the second time after the special Wm Doll’s 100cm Anime Face

But Today, Or Doll energize us with their prodding on TDF…

Her fashioner is a Japanese senior sex doll plan and player. The planner has ingested an incredible arrangement Japanese grown-up animation plan.

She has slightly listing bosom shape and Actual flawlessness. It will draw in a great deal of doll devotees consideration. ORDOLL has a sharp eye for detail, so each doll is wonderfully polished off.

You could see more pics beneath.

What’s more, to wrap things up, they get ready a sex doll buy online new 156cm sex doll with her head!

We are molding another 156cm body sex doll ,

Her measurement:

upper Bosoms: 95cm

lower bosoms: 69cm


…  this 156cm doll is going to be thick butt and breasts


The 137cm doll’s heads utilized 3D-printing innovation from Japan. The heads will be presented gradually in a timeframe. The primary face is with a layer of marginally open mouth, she is hot, loaded with want and timid, she looks like 18-year-old Japanese girl.

All 137cm body particulars are now known:

Upper Bust :80cm

Lower Bust:60cm



The weight control inside 22kg.

The Impermanent pricing:1900/pc (incorporate the delivery cost to Europe and USA). The first 10pcs orders conveyance time:25 days. Do book ahead from now, the initial 10 orders can have an uncommon offer $1850/pc with an extra head.

the TDF discussion:

The Or big booty love doll Doll Website: